1. agedagedman:

    So. Blogging. Here we go.

    By now I’m sure everyone has heard mention of Lena Dunham and her new show Girls, which premiered last Sunday night on HBO. I’ve followed and enjoyed Dunham’s work for a few years now, starting with her satiric web series Delusional Downtown Divas and moving on to her…


  2. this was a quick one. would like to develop this when not so busy!


  3. She was fine, stomped it out fast, but wow!


  4. I dream of this product almost every day.


  5. I’ve had a busy week, so I’ll share the first tablet drawing I ever did. Check out the scary hand.


  6. (early)


  7. Didn’t have time this week to do a comic. Tonight I felt like just fiddling around for a little bit- ended up with this work in progress.


  8. In summer I was amazed girls weren’t having heat stroke…where are the jackets and pants now??


  9. Happy Halloween!


  10. This really happened…(part 1)